Facilitate smooth functioning of schools, reduce communication gap between teachers and parents with the best school management software.

It is true that students spend 70% of a day in schools and colleges. A school is a nursery where every student should be loved, nurtured and cared. With increase admissions, low staffing, low funding and changing statutory rules, all schools are facing complexities in governance.

To reduce complexities every school should adopt good software. This is where ‘SEIYONE’ can help you.

Our software helps you with

School Management

  • Admission processes, short listing of candidates, selection process, and confirmation of admission becomes easy.
  • School circulars to students, parents, staff and other administrative staff can be done.
  • Communication to students, staff and parents become easy.
  • Teachers, parents can give remarks.
  • Examination processes and grade entries made easy.
  • Administrative staff can manage fee system with ease.
  • Homework along with submission date can be given.

Website for Schools

To give a strong online presence we design and develop and optimize websites that will focus on your vision, mission and the services offered.

Mobile apps

This gives detailed information regarding student profiles, attendance, circulars and notices, fees, homework, school calendar, exam results, teachers’ remarks, school Facebook page, Library details, school location.

School Branding

Build brand identity with logos, flyers, bill boards and brochures.

School is the centre for learning. Make it conducive with fewer complexities.

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