Optimize mobile websites to make general and local searches easy to all users while on the go

Search marketing is growing at a deafening speed and mobile searches have just crossed all limitations. People are no longer interested in confined space stuck to PC for their internet searches. They are ready to do business while on the go.

At this juncture, how to make a website visible on devices like smart phones, tabs and notebooks? This is what mobile SEO is all about.

Google’s data is as follows

  • One in every four searches is a mobile search.

  • 88% of mobile users use their devices for local searches.
  • 50% of mobile users use their devices for general searches.

Now it has become very important that all businessmen are smart enough to optimize their mobile sites using mobile SEO services. ‘SEIYONE’ can help you in this. Call us @ 044 – 42218221 or email us @

Our mobile SEO services include

Build Responsive Websites: – This will make the website be well viewed on all mobile devices, tabs and notebooks. The website automatically adjusts itself to the size of the screen of the device.
Create mobile friendly websites: – Create websites with no flash, minimized pop ups, easy navigable pages, small fonts, small images and apt title and Meta descriptions.

Be smart! Opt for mobile SEO for better business outcomes.

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