Recognize new talent, retain the existing ones, reward them aptly and vouchsafe for organizational growth.

In the competitive business world every enterprise should have an effective HCM (Human Capital Management) strategy well in place. This refers to a suite of resources like skills, talents, intelligence, experience and human relationships.

Every enterprise should know how to recognize new talent, hire new talents and retain the existing ones with ample rewards. With efficient pay roll management capabilities they should pay employees’ salary on time across all countries without delay.

At ‘SEIYONE’ our HCM includes all capabilities like salary, deductions, bonus, leave, arrears etc.

We offer the following payroll services: Using our software you can:

  • Control multi country, multi currency payroll effectively.
  • Create personalized pay packets and manage them with ease.
  • Use effective dashboards to communicate the pay status to your employees.
  • Access dashboards easily and rectify errors.
  • Manage bonus, deductions, earnings and fund transfers effectively and smoothly.
  • Monitor and manage claims made by the employees easily.
  • Respect and release claims like annual leave encashment, medical and travel claims.
  • Let your employees have access to their personal payroll details such as appraisal details, leave applications, pay slips etc.
  • Help employees manage to file their IT returns without any hassle.

Human resources are the pillars of support to any enterprise. Recognize them and take your business forward.

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