Data warehousing, management and BI solutions delivered with due diligence and deeper insight.
With the ongoing internet boom, every enterprise is now threatened with the volume, velocity and veracity of data from all corners. Data, if not harnessed effectively, becomes obsolete. At ‘SEIYONE’ we provide expert guidance on data collection, warehousing, analyzing, and bringing out meaningful action based on the data and finally data management. Every enterprise faces the challenge of fragmented, ineffective, dispersed data .Call ‘SEIYONE’ @… Or email us @ … for effective management of data and BI solutions.

We offer the following services

Data Collection
Data is scattered everywhere. All these internal and external data are collected and streamlined.

Data warehousing
Data thus collected are stored in a usable format.

Data management
Once the data is effectively stored and analyzed critical and strategic decisions can be made proactively. The real time data can generate analytics based on which proactive decisions can be made.

Data monitoring
Using effective dashboards, score cards, KPIs one can assure accountability and alignment.

Business Analysis
Business Intelligence solutions to monitor, analyze, and draw meaningful actions for the organization.

Tailor made solutions to identity strengths and risk and decide on meaningful actions.

By adopting effective BI strategies you can take informed business decisions. Call ‘SEIYONE’ for Data Management and BI solutions that work just right for your business.

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