Follow simple guiding principles to build the best branding strategy, design and identity for your business.
Your business may be a small startup or it may be a giant corporate, but you need the best branding strategy to connect with your customers. Your brand is the face of your business. Adorn it well so as to create a visual impact. Every enterprise should have a set of branding guidelines to maintain the consistency and workability of their brand.

AT ‘SEIYONE’ we provide you guiding principles to make your brand visible to your customers and stake holders.

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The guiding principles are as follows

Logo usage

Decide on a clear logo that is set at a right size. It may not be the most attractive one but it should definitely be able to connect with your business. After deciding upon the logo, the next important decision is the placement of the logo at all touch points. Make sure that the logo is consistently used.

Fonts and Typography

Select the most conducive font size and typography style. You can even select 2 sets of typefaces, the complementary and the supplementary.


The next step is to decide on the colors and how well they are to be used. The number of colors should be kept at the minimum but various shades can be used.


Images may be in the form of graphics, illustrations or photography. So a careful selection of images should be done.

Text and Tone

Be sure to talk the language of your customers. Let the message be simple and easily understood.

Follow these simple guidelines to create the brand for your business and make your business grow in leaps and bounds.

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