Intensive brand audit to know how your business is positioned and the remedial measures to improve brand identity.

Are you facing loss in the business in recent years? Are you losing customers to your competitors? If yes, then you should do a heath check of your brand. This is a world of cut throat competition. You cannot afford to lose time. Call ‘SEYIONE’ @….., the experts who can perform a brand audit and find out the remedial measures that will put your business in the right track.

What is a brand audit?

A brand audit is an extensive study of how your company is positioned in the current business scenario and how effective your business strategy is. It also gives a comprehensive view
of what your customers think about your business.

When should a brand audit be done?

Are you planning to make a change in your organization? Are you planning to change the face of your business? Are you losing on profitability? Are your sales bar showing a downward trend? This is the right time to do a brand audit.

The Benefits:

  • You will have a clear idea of how your business is positioned.
  • You can easily find out the strength and weaknesses and plan on remedial measures.
  • You can definitely align your services with your customers’ expectations.
We can help you with the brand auditing services in the following ways:

Audit frame work

We first create an audit framework and find out the factors that affect your brand. We do a thorough study of internal branding areas like brand values, brand essence, brand promise, USPs. We then study the external branding techniques like logos, brochures, website, SEO, social media, Newsletters, contents, testimonials and videos.

Collect Information

We speak to the customers and find out what they think of your brand. We run an online poll to collect information from customers and all stakeholders. Information is also collected from the web analytics. We do a thorough study of how many visited the website, the kind of traffic, the bounce rate, page views and conversion rate. We also do an online survey
to collect valuable information from customers.

Take an action plan

We then decide on an action plan. We test all the problems that might have caused damage to your brand , then brainstorm to take remedial measures. For example if
people find it difficult to use our website, then we add a video to your website showing them easy navigability. If the website lacks information we can create fresh contents to upgrade the


We continuously monitor to find out if our remedial measures show positive results.

Don’t let your business crumple down. Do a brand audit immediately.