Leverage the power of digital identity solutions and prevent cyber crime

This is a digital world and it is shocking to know that digital crimes are growing menacingly. So every enterprise should have a cyber security strategy to provide smooth authentification to customers and put a stop to data breaches. Cyber crimes have no boundaries and have become more sophisticated and innovative. At ‘SEOYONE’ we help you build strong digital identity strategy.

Our capabilities include

Protection against fraudulence

Has your account been taken over by someone? Has Malware infected your device? By spotting any abnormal activities on your webpage, suspicious login requests and strange computer configurations we can identify account take over and take effective measures. We can also help you prevent fraudulent new account registrations and purchases made by using stolen cards.

Authenticate customers

With the help of device information, identity information and behavioral patterns we can help you identify users and authenticate them. By providing step by step authentication procedures you can provide safer user experience to customers and put an end to cyber crime. By providing workforce authentification you can check if the users are genuine.

Manage digital threats

Protect your devices from Malware and Trojans and viruses. We help you analyze all apps to check if they are infected. We also help you detect MitB (Man in the browser) Malware attack. We help you mitigate automated attacks. We can protect you against phishing and spoofing.

Protect your digital identity against cyber crime and cyber criminals and offer a safe web experience to the users.’

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